who’s line?

I’ve been inspired by watching a full on marathon of the legendary Who’s line is it anyway so I started off with 1 line in illustrator and created an abstract heart shape as I went along. I think it captures the ‘improvised’ style of the show with the suggested movement with the linear design, I decided to fill it in red and think it almost looks a little iconic…?…it seems a bit familiar but I can’t think why? Any ideas?


2 thoughts on “who’s line?

  1. Wow, i love this – very creative. It looked familia to me as well. When I fist looked at it the top of the heart reminded me of a plane taking off, then I turned the heart on the side & saw stag with big antlers, and when I turned it on the other side I saw a big city sky line. A heart of many dimentions Becky,Well done xx

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