Day and Night

Working late..working early…work-schmurk. But is it really work if you like it..then it doesn’t feel like work and it feels more like play?

Glow in the dark paint and oil pastels on black mount board..



who’s line?

I’ve been inspired by watching a full on marathon of the legendary Who’s line is it anyway so I started off with 1 line in illustrator and created an abstract heart shape as I went along. I think it captures the ‘improvised’ style of the show with the suggested movement with the linear design, I decided to fill it in red and think it almost looks a little iconic…?…it seems a bit familiar but I can’t think why? Any ideas?


This week I’ve got my adorable lil cousin, Bethany staying with us. Bethany is studying graphic design and art in her a-levels and planning to go to uni to study graphic design-so I’m uber-excited for her. I suggested that to get some experience under her belt she come stay and work with me at the design studio…so that’s exactly what she’s doing.

She has inspired me to try out this technique of blowing water-colours with a straw…wow its hard to control..but good fun all the same!


Folked out

Enjoyed an exhausting, weird and wonderful day on the coast at the alternative Folkestone Fringe Festival with geek Heather. From dress-up portraits to ringing giant 16th Century bells on the seafront, from derelict railway art installations and a wall covered in scratch card art – to hidden Tracey Emin treasures. A memorable, well-walked journey of creative discovery!

For my heart art, I’ve used a photo that I took of an art installation by Jonathan White called Rare Love – it was one of mine and Heathers favourites.The day started out a bit grey and I shot it from an abstract angle to enhance the erie atmosphere we experienced at that point. I’ve adjusted the curves/levels etc in pshop a bit and cropped into a jaunted heart shape to reflect my overall feeling of the day.

I've also collected a bunch of photos that I took to give you an idea of what to expect-plus a fab snap of Heathers shoes!

Lock in the sunshine

Todays been such a grey and rainy day I wanted to use some yellow roses but I don;t know where the chains came from…the I had a breeze through Phoebe’s cool heart blog and saw her chain hearts…maybe that’s where they came from!?! thanks for the subconscious inspiration there lady! x