I’m celebrating that geekheartsaday had over 200 followers on Twitter and 15 subscribers to the blog! I’ve met such amazing people all over the world, it’s intense what creativity brings. That and I’m just coming to the end of my ninth month of daily heart arts!

I’ve created this pattern by repeating different coloured lines at different angles.

Thank Geek it’s Friday! x

Wish I may Wish I might

A beautiful morning to be dog walking and to play with the macro setting on my phone camera…super quality on the Samsung Galaxy SII! I’ve photoshoped this dandelion wish that I snapped into a heart shape for my heart art…and I thought I’d share a couple more pretty photos with you too.


Cold Call Warm Heart

My heart art is inspired by my ‘quote of the day’. I answered the phone to a cold call for some double glazing and it started off exactly like my heart art says…and got considerably more confusing…ending with me suggesting for me to let him get on…I was just splurting in good goofy glory!

I took the quote anyway and through design suggest a different message maybe…?…what do you think?

For those less font-savvy, this little sexy serif is called Rockwell. The little crosses are inspired by a gorgeous fabric used on a fascinator I have my eye on, created by our very own geek Megan – which you can see here

Doodle ditz

Yep you got it…another doodled heart in ball point pen and pink highlighter. I was inspired by the lovely geek Debbie to create a free stop motion app on my phone to document the progress. But the end video is such a terrible quality-I’m so disappointed…and it’s not like I can undo my doodle! Of course, I’ll share it with you on the new geekheartsday youtube channel and you can bear witness to my poor attempt and sigh at the poor quality with me! An important part of this mission for me is to acknowledge my failures and learn from mistakes, grow as a creative and make it better next time…I’ll promise to make a better stop motion heart art in the future that’s for sure..(its a mini-heart-art-mission!)

Looking Glass

Ok so this might sound freaky but I’m going to roll with it and embrace it…

I’d be lying if I said I’d never been been curious of the idea that there’s another version of ourselves existing somewhere, maybe in this world or another…it’s silly I know – but with a history of watching too many ridiculous movies and being fed doppelganger stories has had my imagination run away. It’s an interesting concept, whats more interesting is that when I visited Designersblock on Thursday I met a friendly product design graduate called Patrick. He’d created a unique product based on parallel universes ‘The Quantum Parallelograph’. A novel concept where you could insert a couple of basic personal details on a laptop and and his awesome gadget would print out a little reciept-like-report on what your other you was doing and in what universe etc.  – fun and interesting, and definitely memorable – I look forward to seeing what he creates next!

Also the theme for our internal monthly photography competition at work this month (for which I designed the graphics) is ‘Reflections’. So while I submit for that I was inspired to create a heart art reflection.

I’ve used some tiny beads, threaded onto the wire stripped from a sandwich-bag tie to create a half of a heart shape. I then photographed this on a mirror on the floor…I think that makes sense and reflects my parallel universe and looking-glass-world waffle x

please to meet you



great feedback from people at the jumble today…i even sold a few bits. I’ve doodled my heart art based on lots of new connections I’ve made n the positive interest in my work. i feel exhausted but happy, tired but empowered. looking toward to not getting in front of the screen n just flaking out for the rest of the evening.

pleased to meet you
meat to please you

a funny little phrase i read on a meat van once…relates to that ‘everyone wants a piece of me’ feeling i had today…in a good way of course! xx

Wolf Crazy

We’re watching Teen wolf (tut-tut yes of course the ’85 original!) so I’ve illustrated a hairy heart…(well tried to anyway). I’m kind of half watching if I’m honest but still know the words, I’m creating my stock for the stall tomorrow at southwestjumble . It’s kind of a trial run but I’m super nervous, I’ll be grateful to sell 1 item and not stutter nonsense all over the place. I’ll treat you to another sneak peak…variety of heart art inspired scratch magnets (originally created here)