Heart of the World

At school my sister, Rachael,  got this best friend Chris who soon become adopted into our family.  Rachael and Chris are a bit like twins and act like kids when they are together..except he’s been travelling the world since 2009.

We keep tabs on him thru his journey by his pictures (he left as a photography enthusiast and now is definitely a pro!) and he posts them to his facebook albums. Recently Chris launched a super blog about his motorcycle trip through South America and I’ve been a keen follower ever since.

He’s my inspiration today, so I’ve stolen a photo of his from his ‘Caribbean by Sail’ album, I don’t expect he’ll mind! I’ve duplicated and photoshoped the Flamingo on the left to suggest a heart shape. I can’t it help relate this to Chris and his lady, Jennifer – awwww! x


3 thoughts on “Heart of the World

  1. Mate, that is so sweet and you are such a legend, I love seeing your hearts, they make me smile. Jennifer is really happy that she has you to talk to if she needs and hopefully we will be in London in the near future. I miss you, Rachael, Steve, Vera, Philbert and even those lay abouts Mark and Ricke, love you with all my heart. Stay in touch. Chris

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