London Calling Phoebe

I’ve had a top first day at the London Design Festival…I’m actually drowning in creativity and inspiration – so I have gone very simple. I’ve used the red from the red LDF branding. I think my favourites must be Designersblock and Mindful of art…yep definitely. So much so that I”m thinking that I”ll actually go back to Designersblock again tomorrow for a second viewing and to take some photos for you (as my battery died).

Anyhow the things that stick in my head are meeting Paul Bishop of the new english  – a lovely guy and awesome exhibition of work. We were chatting about hearts and we got to talking about ‘Phoebes’ – my NY partner in heartart crime Phoebe and his friends and products called ‘Phoebe’. Paul then told me about the most outter ring of the planet Saturn being named Phoebe! I couldn’t think of much else to dedicate my heart art too after that!

The other things stuck in my head from today are a the prothetic suit for Stephen Hawking by Michael Rea at the Power of Making at the V&A, meeting and later at Designers block chatting with the freindly Mark Dale responsible for the production of the impressive concrete artwork at Graphic Relief – not forgetting the very interesting Patrick Stevenson and his installation combining quantum physics and meeting the very impressionable Ana Tevsic and purchasing a groovy smile badge! Wow – finally everything at the Old Vic Tunnles Mindful Event just wowed me…and the informative and jolly door man just topped off the day for me.

Gosh anyway I’m off to bed and out for more of the same tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “London Calling Phoebe

  1. This post made my day! And I adore your “simple” heartart today. If I could, I’d jump in a cab and catch the next plane to London so I could join you for your second day at this amazing event. Can you imagine how much fun it would be, us heartart crime girls running around the festival?! At quick look I have fallen in LOVE with Paul Bishop’s work. I can’t wait to explore more, and visit all the other links you posted. But I must attend to my heart for the day 🙂
    HUGS and KISSES from MYC!!! XOXOX

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