please to meet you



great feedback from people at the jumble today…i even sold a few bits. I’ve doodled my heart art based on lots of new connections I’ve made n the positive interest in my work. i feel exhausted but happy, tired but empowered. looking toward to not getting in front of the screen n just flaking out for the rest of the evening.

pleased to meet you
meat to please you

a funny little phrase i read on a meat van once…relates to that ‘everyone wants a piece of me’ feeling i had today…in a good way of course! xx

5 thoughts on “please to meet you

  1. Not surprised everyone wants a piece of you! Well done on the stall, looked amazing and I’m very pleased with my purchases. Service with a smile and then some 🙂 x

  2. awww bless you all and thanks for your kind words. I’ll advertise better for the next stall and am considering online sales…maybe follow our NY geek Phoebe and get myself on this ETSY thing!?!

    I think first of all I need to invent a device that creates more hours in the day :0) x

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