Looking Glass

Ok so this might sound freaky but I’m going to roll with it and embrace it…

I’d be lying if I said I’d never been been curious of the idea that there’s another version of ourselves existing somewhere, maybe in this world or another…it’s silly I know – but with a history of watching too many ridiculous movies and being fed doppelganger stories has had my imagination run away. It’s an interesting concept, whats more interesting is that when I visited Designersblock on Thursday I met a friendly product design graduate called Patrick. He’d created a unique product based on parallel universes ‘The Quantum Parallelograph’. A novel concept where you could insert a couple of basic personal details on a laptop and and his awesome gadget would print out a little reciept-like-report on what your other you was doing and in what universe etc.  – fun and interesting, and definitely memorable – I look forward to seeing what he creates next!

Also the theme for our internal monthly photography competition at work this month (for which I designed the graphics) is ‘Reflections’. So while I submit for that I was inspired to create a heart art reflection.

I’ve used some tiny beads, threaded onto the wire stripped from a sandwich-bag tie to create a half of a heart shape. I then photographed this on a mirror on the floor…I think that makes sense and reflects my parallel universe and looking-glass-world waffle x


3 thoughts on “Looking Glass

  1. I believe in parallel universes ect too, I really like this heart. It is clever and unique, I see this piece being a real contender in the photo competition. x

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