Doodle ditz

Yep you got it…another doodled heart in ball point pen and pink highlighter. I was inspired by the lovely geek Debbie to create a free stop motion app on my phone to document the progress. But the end video is such a terrible quality-I’m so disappointed…and it’s not like I can undo my doodle! Of course, I’ll share it with you on the new geekheartsday youtube channel and you can bear witness to my poor attempt and sigh at the poor quality with me! An important part of this mission for me is to acknowledge my failures and learn from mistakes, grow as a creative and make it better next time…I’ll promise to make a better stop motion heart art in the future that’s for sure..(its a mini-heart-art-mission!)


2 thoughts on “Doodle ditz

    1. Thanks Phoebe – glad you like them – I think you are restoring my faith in my doodles, as I’ve never been that excited by them but I definitely enjoy them a lot more these days :0)

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