What’s it all about?

I don’t actually find it easy to talk about myself…I know its hard to believe considering I’m doing a post everyday that somehow relates to me! lol! But I suppose, those of you that really know me, know how true it is. It’s just uncomfortable, I’d prefer to be hearing about you and how you are, or looking at the world out the window, getting lost in something, my work, a movie or some music and generally embracing what life has to offer.

Some may call it ‘shy’, but I’d like to call it ‘quietly confident’.

Hopefully that makes you smile x



I associate the pentagram star with horror-movies!…Although its origins are ancient greek and symbolic to faith. Since today has been another warm-up to Halloween with more pumpkin carving and our neighbours decorating their garden with monsters and fairy-lights, I’m definitely in that zone.

I’ve used my ‘works-on-anything’ glow in the dark paint on the last of my hologram paper. When I’ve taken a photo, with the flash on (by accident)but the effect was a happy mistake and resulted in this shooting star effect.



Homemade chilli, strawberry cider, pumpkin carving and scary movies. Sisters rule!

This is my practice carving before i get home n get to the man i love for our traditional carving rivalry! Check it out babe! xXx

Heart of Light

Happy Diwali! Today is the start of the festival of lights celebration. I’ve been experimenting with light recently and enjoy the unpredictable movement and sort of ‘joy’ it brings to my designs – and today is no exception.

Today I should dedicate this post to some dear friends and send love and light to Jainita (and her Sanjay!), Binita, Mita, Gem, Jay, Dee, Crim, and all of the famo-you know who you are! plus geek Carin, Teek, Anika and bump – and Viru and his family! Sorry if I’ve missed anyone..I’m 15mins away from my deadline for todays heart art…eeek!

I’ve made pin hols into some red origami paper and then held my samsung galaxy s2 torch app in front of it to project my heart design onto any surface…I could really get carried away with this and would love to experiment with more intricate designs and mix them with the surface I’m projecting on to.

Food of Queens

I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while and today I was empowered to action when making dinner. The red backing paper is ideal for the pasta yellowsand the pale orange of the red lentils and somehow reminds me of my royal heart 41.

I can relate my inspiration to a few awesome and influential artists, but the heart design..that’s just me lil’ ol’ me…

Ursus Wehril and Kathy Klein (coutsey of the awesome blog by jeanniejeannie) and (as you well-know!)one of my top favourites, Marian Bantjes and her pasta designs