I think I’ve always been a bit of a goof…for as long as I can remember I didn’t ever feel like I fit in, but I don’t mind…I quite liked it…well most of the time I liked it. I revel in sharing embarrassing stories and generally having a giggle at myself. On the flip side, sometimes its hard to be serious.

I discovered this lovely blog a while back, courtesy of geek Carin – and geek Heather recently pointed out this super featured artist (and his 365 mission). I’m now a keen follower and have taken a quote from his work and created my own interpretation by attacking my eyes in todays heart art…sorry fellow creatives…this will result in scrunched-up faces!



One thought on “Face-a-mistaker-to-maker…

  1. I really like this, even tho’ I have more wrinkles now after my face scrunching than what I did this morning xx

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