Think Different

I first heard about the sad news when I read our Phoebes post this morning.

It’s ridiculous what one man can do in his lifetime…I’ve tried to type this sentence for a while, I keep deleting it, re-staring it with ‘inspiration’, ‘special’, ‘amazing’ – how can I even try?…you know what a legend he is…the admiration is nuts and words don’t really do it justice. So I’ll leave it like this and just give my mac a little hug and share my heart art as a celebration for everything he gave the world.

Steve Jobs 1955 – 2012


2 thoughts on “Think Different

  1. I didn’t comment on this yet? I thought I had. Well, suffice it to say this blew me away, I was speechless. What a effective design to commemorate the life of a brilliant man, and the ideas he stood for. This is magnificent work Becky. Bravo! xx

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