Viva Vienna

Last September about 20 of us went to Vienna for 3 nights, to celebrate our friend Jamie’s 30th birthday. Being his fathers homeland, we got to see some unspoilt locations and enjoy quality time in ‘local’ Vienna. As usual I picked up as many printed items as I could when in the city – a free magazine being one of them. I cut this up recently to use on my granted heart art.

Today I doodled using my nib and ink, on a page relating to natural delights and wonders and reminded myself of the great ‘I Wonder’ book by Marian Banjtes and her exploration of ‘wonder’.

If you ever get the chance, you should visit Vienna!


3 thoughts on “Viva Vienna

  1. This heart is gorgeous. You’ve clearly got the hang of the nib and ink! Love the delicate illustration on top of the words … especially because they’re in another language, rather than getting caught up in what they say I can just appreciate how they look.

  2. Love this heart and all it’s fine detail. You’ve inspired me to get my inks out and do some creative tinkering this weekend :o) I also loved my trip to Vienna – a beautiful city and I was fortunate enough to enjoy the open galleries night. ❤

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