Heart of my world

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a dreamer. Any sort of dreaming, from day-dreaming nonsense to life-long ambition, I’m pretty well master of it all. I mean I can’t turn it off, sometimes I wonder if I’ve got issues, really! I’ve had so many dreams and ideas that I’ll never start and never finish – and then a rare handful that I do. That’s why for me, this heart mission is so important, to prove to myself that I can get to the end and most of all, be proud of myself – for me and feel that satisfaction.

Geek Heather shared an inspirational post, the relative video it hit me so hard that I have actually just watched it 2 times in a row just now too. It’s Steve Jobs Stanford University speech (I’ll paste it at the end of this post too). I’m not going to tell you about it  you should watch it if you haven’t…it’s captivating and truly inspirational.

I made tonights heart art with  a load of photoshop brushes, masks and effects and shouldn’t need much more explaining. The text I have just realised is a subliminal inspiration from geek Heathers Dream post here and probably also the bandage scroll on wonderful Phoebes heart post here!


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