Blessed are the cracked…

…for they let in the light.

I saw this quote in print somewhere recently (not that I can remember where!) but I have a feeling it was on my Design Festival quest.

Today is our little niece Rosie’s first birthday and we’ve been over to the big party for most the day. The sunshine catches the swings and slide play area at the end of their garden, and when I was down that way I couldn’t help appreciate the light splitting between the houses and trees and autumn afternoon shadows.

I’ve cut a piece of blue card with a small craft knife and placed on top of the torch…which glows red when I switch it on…


5 thoughts on “Blessed are the cracked…

  1. I really like this, with my sister taking up all of the creative gene, I sometimes look at the heart arts and think they’re amazing but do not always think about how she got there, how she created this work of art, I just accept. Again, I did the same with this geek heart art and after reading how it was put together, I just love it, how on earth do you think these up. Very good piece of creativity! I would like to try this myself xxx

  2. I’m with your sis on this, where do your ideas come from?? lovely idea, but how you thought of it just by seeing sunshine squinting through the houses is a mystery. Great heart yet again xx

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