City = scaled up Elephant

11 pages into my new book Where good ideas come from, by Steven Johnson,  and I’m still finding my feet. It is really interesting and lots of theory and comparisons on mass scales and biology relationships to towns and cities….

The bit that also sticks in my head is the explanation and reference to Max Kleibers ‘quarter power scaling’ law which highlights the quantity of heartbeats per lifetime in each species…suggesting that every living form is specified an amount of heartbeats in its life…depending on the size / weight / speed (and many other factors) determines the length of time each species heart will beat and the length of its life…for example a fly lives for a few days, and an elephant for half a century.

I will tell you more when I know more…but all you need to know right now is and elephant is a scaled up a city and if you are still reading what I’m saying well done and pat on the back to you! I think I’m explaining it right and hopefully this justifies my heart art!

2 thoughts on “City = scaled up Elephant

  1. I know of Max Kleibers Heartbeat theory & I think I with him on that, as for your choice of an elephant heart – Well it doean’t get any better Becky, I adore this heart xx

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