Be what you do

So I’ve got home from an evening event called ‘Reboot – Social Design in Business’ at London College of Fashion (Phoebe’s heaven!). It was a great interactive seminar with discussions and break-out-sessions. I got to meet an impressional bunch of creative minds with ambition, drive and those kind of innovative super-powers that like a good giggle over a beer.

They are all my inspiration – Thank you! Especially Frankie for her instant friendship and her stripes (we all know I like my stripes in design) and Tanvi, Danny and John for their sparkling insights and inspiration (I didn’t get the names of everyone but they were all a super bunch of stars). The lovely host, Jonas, was so supportive and passionate of enterprising creativity – and  showed  some kind, honest interest in my heart art blogging…referring to me as a ‘moonlight blogger’ – (which I quite liked).

Combine all of those bright-sparks, the creative energy and the giant canopy-style-snowflake-christmas-lights on Oxford Street, then my inspiration will be clear.

This is poster marker on hologram paper with a few of my favouriet empower notes from the presentation:


4 thoughts on “Be what you do

  1. Hey you!
    It was so nice to meet you at the seminar. I had such a good night.
    I’ve started the cycling club! Yay 🙂 Thanks for the advice and good conversation.
    I’m loving your blog by the way! Hopefully see u again, we should keep in touch. Frankie

    1. Likewise-super nice creative girlie you are! I’m sure you’ll do great things with your cycling community – I hope we’ll meet again soon. December 14th we’ll be at Glug ‘Now thats what I call Christmas’ @Fabric – if you’re around it’d be great to meet up Bx

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