Such a Charmer

First and foremost sorry if you are expecting anything spectacular! It wouldn’t be in keeping with the rest of the year if I didn’t do something spontaneous and a bit new and rough around the edges!

Secondly thank you for all of your support, donations and general interest in what has been for me, the most intense, enjoyable, a-bit-annoying, inspiring, surprising, motivating, project I’ve ever undertaken. As dramatic as it sounds, it has actually changed my life…in the way I approach my creative process with significant influence on my outlook to daily living. I’ve learned so many new skills I didn’t know I had, met a treasure chest of new people and connection, interests, events and new way of thinking.

So I get asked ‘would I recommend a creative 365 mission?’ My answer is YES….if a year is too daunting try a week or a month instead. It will make you learn something new about yourself! x

Now I have all of the namby-pamby stuff out the way I can tell you my inspiration for my heart art today:

A New Year is promised to be lucky, and what better way to carry my heart art into 2012 then by creating a Lucky Charm. Made from clay that you bake and the recently discovered blow-pens.

I’m going to be launching an online geekheartsaday store in 2012 and will continue to update the blog with details, and don’t forget I’m hosting my first webinar on January 16th!

Finally I’d like to wish you all a very lucky 2012 and hope that all of your wishes come true. Thanks once again for EVERYTHING!!! xx

“Learn to love your mistakes, cherish the unexpected and explore the unfamiliar. Experiment, inspire and discover” (this is what I say!)

Yes of course the Kings had to feature in this last post! x



Ex-seed-ingly Impostor-able

Ok I know this is totally out of season! But I wanted to do something a bit fun to try and get you involved for what is my penultimate hear art creation today!

I’ve been inspired by an old birthday card (2010-yes we know I’m a hoarder!) it is the perfect combo for me, stripes and strawberries.

So in celebration of heart art 364 I’ve created a 360 strawberry pattern in Illustrator…but 4 of them are impostors – on closer inspection they are quite clearly hearts! Can you tell which rows (from the top) that they appear?


Tres Good

Tres = three in Spanish…

Three is a magic number…

…and it is also the amount of sleeps left on this 365 creative mission!

Mum presented me with a pack of ‘blow-pens’ for xmas…(yes we all know how easily pleased I am!) I cut out the word TRES in freehand serif style and used them as stencils to create todays heart art. The effect is a bit like spray-cans vs straw-blowing…

To fix a broken heart

We’ve been chopping up more wood and storing it away. I collected a tub of sawdust and knew I wanted to use it for my heart art somehow. I didn’t expect to come cross a broken padlock and decided to keep that too (I’m sure I’ve mentioned I’m a hoarder before! lol!).

I instantly wanted to fix this broken padlock – and the soft contrast of the sawdust bed I now had in the tub made a perfect nurse-bed. I tied the ribbon to the arm, then into a bow and glued the ribbon into the lock.

Although it won’t actually work again – the visual concept is perfect. The padlock itself being the ‘security’ of a heart / love, the break / pain, the missing key / loss, the soft bed / comfort and the ribbon being the ‘magic’ gets us through a hard time. It looks like a pretty fix and represents the ‘mending a broken heart’ message for me anyway…you haven’t loved until you’ve had one…

The wood we've chopped and stored!




I pie with my lil eye


mmm…mince pies its definitely Christmas! i couldn’t throw away the patterned big they came in…so i turned it into a heart art. How? just add glitter of course! if u like this style you should search my blog for more ‘glitter’ action-these gel pens have featured on a few occasions and this is the last of them.

Merry Christmas x

Joy to the world…

Feeling the full force of Christmas today. Finished the shopping, presents are wrapped and I’m ready for it…but I still don’t feel ‘Christmassy!’. Its the kind of time when you wish you were still 5 years old….well I do.

The little…erm…elf dude is drawn with poster marker on the inside cardboard tube from the used-up wrapping paper. I’ve done everything else in pshop.