Sticky-Bricks for kicks

I’ve ‘borrowed’ some tape to create my heart art- I know its hazard tape – but just love the colours. I wanted to beat my biggest heart art so far – so took to the side of our house…! This is now my biggest heart art and a monster celebration of my first ever webinar. Yes little old me is honoured to be a guest speaker at the wonderful Webheroines Emerge conference in January!

Check here for more info on what I’ll be hosting and discussing


4 thoughts on “Sticky-Bricks for kicks

  1. How much tape????? what am i supposed to use at my next I.T. crime scene if my tape is all over your house in the shape of a heart! I dont know! what am i going to do with you? Bad BeckY!.. u have such great imagination!

  2. Yes, I love love love this!! Great idea, and nice use of scale! I’m inspired to do a very large scale heart now, though today’s heart is quite the opposite, and is very small. xox

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