Silver Mess

Indecisive would be the topic of the day. I changed my mind at least 3 times in the process of the design of my heart art tonight…which resulted of course in disaster. I carved out what was going to be a spiral, but I changed my mind and tried to turn it into the word ‘love’ instead, which actually ended up looking like neither.

Really what i should have done is abandond it then. But because I’d invested so much time into first my wood carving (that I wish I was better at!) I thought I’d use it as a stencil to improvise…

…I took a bigger chunk of wood, silver spray paint and a few of last years christmas tree decorations and mashed them together to create a bigger mess…that slightly resembles a heart I suppose. Lots of love went into what really is one of my worst heart arts…!













p.s we also got and decorated our christmas tree today-which inspired my initial spiral concept…


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