Inspired by the very cool talk by Alex Maclean of the very colourful Airside hosted at Glug this evening I’ve chosen to take my (and geek Debbies) theme of the day…Debbie’s gorrrgeous tiger tights for my heart art today. Thanks to geek Debbie and geek Heather for a top evening x

Pattern Heaven with the Lovely Debbie xx (I do like your face! honest!)

7 thoughts on “Grrrr

  1. (“v”) (“v”) (“v”)

    (“v”) (“v”) (“v”)

    (“v”) (“v”) (“v”)


  2. Yay!! Grrrr!!! This is a really fun and dynamic design. Would love to see fabric of this print. Hey, you are less than a month from completing your project!! What a wonderful, inspired, collection of heart art you’ve created. Very impressive dearie 🙂

  3. Keep in touch, B girl. I want to know all about your future art creations! You are really going out with a bang. These hearts are all so vastly different and so very original. Great work!

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