To fix a broken heart

We’ve been chopping up more wood and storing it away. I collected a tub of sawdust and knew I wanted to use it for my heart art somehow. I didn’t expect to come cross a broken padlock and decided to keep that too (I’m sure I’ve mentioned I’m a hoarder before! lol!).

I instantly wanted to fix this broken padlock – and the soft contrast of the sawdust bed I now had in the tub made a perfect nurse-bed. I tied the ribbon to the arm, then into a bow and glued the ribbon into the lock.

Although it won’t actually work again – the visual concept is perfect. The padlock itself being the ‘security’ of a heart / love, the break / pain, the missing key / loss, the soft bed / comfort and the ribbon being the ‘magic’ gets us through a hard time. It looks like a pretty fix and represents the ‘mending a broken heart’ message for me anyway…you haven’t loved until you’ve had one…

The wood we've chopped and stored!





3 thoughts on “To fix a broken heart

  1. It’s my turn to be green with envy, what a brilliant idea!! Why didn’t I think of this?! Perfect choice in lock, nice background, very turn of the century feeling. Love this so much! xx

  2. Only you could think of turning an old padlock into a heart & do it perfectly, nice combination of materials used xx

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