Such a Charmer

First and foremost sorry if you are expecting anything spectacular! It wouldn’t be in keeping with the rest of the year if I didn’t do something spontaneous and a bit new and rough around the edges!

Secondly thank you for all of your support, donations and general interest in what has been for me, the most intense, enjoyable, a-bit-annoying, inspiring, surprising, motivating, project I’ve ever undertaken. As dramatic as it sounds, it has actually changed my life…in the way I approach my creative process with significant influence on my outlook to daily living. I’ve learned so many new skills I didn’t know I had, met a treasure chest of new people and connection, interests, events and new way of thinking.

So I get asked ‘would I recommend a creative 365 mission?’ My answer is YES….if a year is too daunting try a week or a month instead. It will make you learn something new about yourself! x

Now I have all of the namby-pamby stuff out the way I can tell you my inspiration for my heart art today:

A New Year is promised to be lucky, and what better way to carry my heart art into 2012 then by creating a Lucky Charm. Made from clay that you bake and the recently discovered blow-pens.

I’m going to be launching an online geekheartsaday store in 2012 and will continue to update the blog with details, and don’t forget I’m hosting my first webinar on January 16th!

Finally I’d like to wish you all a very lucky 2012 and hope that all of your wishes come true. Thanks once again for EVERYTHING!!! xx

“Learn to love your mistakes, cherish the unexpected and explore the unfamiliar. Experiment, inspire and discover” (this is what I say!)

Yes of course the Kings had to feature in this last post! x




5 thoughts on “Such a Charmer

  1. What will we do without your hearts? My daily routine this year has gone something like this: Commute into work, fire up my computer, open my email and make a cup of tea, then check out your latest heart. Then, I truly begin my day.

    Thank you so much for sharing 365 hearts, they’ve been creative, cute, funny, bonkers, bananas, unexpected, surprising, downright brilliant and always inspiring. Wishing you all good things for the year ahead and beyond. So excited about where your creativity will take you next.

    I heart what you do! The wife x

  2. Congratulations on completing your 365 days of Geek Heart Art!!! I love this last installment! And your daily hearts will be greatly missed by me! It’s been a pleasure to share travel along side you for the last few months of your journey. Thank you for all of your love and support. I do hope we get to meet in person some day! XX Do keep in touch!!! Much love from NYC.

  3. Whoop-whoop you’ve completed a whole year. Thank you for sharing the three-hundred-and-sixty-five visual treats with us. BeckytheGeek you’re an inspiration.

  4. Well, a few days late from me but what a small, but beautiful little heart, Congratulations on achieving your goal, I have looked forward to viewing & commenting on your hearts everyday. There has been such a variety of materials & techniques used for your creations, you have totally amazed me at times. The commitment to your challange has been both professional & a personal challange. I’m pleased you are opening an online geekheart store as I’m sure this will be a successful venture as well.

    On a personal note. Knowing what a challenging year 2011 was for you personally, as your mum I couldn’t be more proud of you & what you have achieved, Well done Becky & I look forward on seeing what 2012 brings to all your fellow geeks & followers xx

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