I pie with my lil eye


mmm…mince pies its definitely Christmas! i couldn’t throw away the patterned big they came in…so i turned it into a heart art. How? just add glitter of course! if u like this style you should search my blog for more ‘glitter’ action-these gel pens have featured on a few occasions and this is the last of them.

Merry Christmas x


Joy to the world…

Feeling the full force of Christmas today. Finished the shopping, presents are wrapped and I’m ready for it…but I still don’t feel ‘Christmassy!’. Its the kind of time when you wish you were still 5 years old….well I do.

The little…erm…elf dude is drawn with poster marker on the inside cardboard tube from the used-up wrapping paper. I’ve done everything else in pshop.

Ho Ho Ho Woof Woof

I wouldn’t describe myself as superstitious…maybe quirky…but I like to think everyone has a few little lucky charms or beliefs maybe?

One of my lucky charms is this little half santa, half dog dude. My Rick gave him to me when we first got together and has been on lots of adventures – well pockets and handbags! He currently lives under my screen…and has witnessed the 365 heart journey so far and deserves a mention or at least to be used in a heart art.

Red for Christmas, Blue for Smurfs…now don’t be silly – dogs aren’t blue!

My lucky charm...currently standing as Santa of course!

Out for the Winter

Wouldn’t it be nice…just a complete rest for all of the cold season and waking up fresh as a diasy…with the daisies in spring!

Fine liner in my Pac Man sketch book…then coloured in photoshop. I’d like to scan this in and colour it up to create a proper print…I’m more pleased with it then I thought I’d be

Bo-Selcta Doodle

Walking in the woods this time of year is always good for the soul…as long as you’re wrapped are warm anyway! We love it.

I think I can honestly say that it was the first time we’ve seen a rainbow in December though. I used water colour and ink for my heart art to represent  the rainbow, and my natural mindless doodles for the rest…

I’m also super honoured to have 20 subscribers to my blog! How special – this is dedicated to you all, thank you for your support my lil’ rainbows! x

Rainbows and trees dedicated for Christmas in celebration of dogs that loved to visit these woods