How does Geekhearts Social Grow?

Yep, that’s right! I’m trying to grow ourselves an interactive creative space online. Once again, I’m trying out something a bit new and exploring unfamiliar territory…!….and even though I’m out of my comfort zone I’m feeling a little bit pleased with my self at the same time. Mainly because I’ve managed to created this sort of creative network site. My next step is to get people to use it of course! Give me feedback and suggestions and generally see if it blossoms.

I’ll be adding more content and featuring artists on the blog. If you want to get featured please contact me.

Anyone can sign-up, you don’t have to be in the creative industry-it’s a place to encourage and inspire. Share inspirational finds, your own artwork or art you just that you like. Plug events, competitions, get design guidance and advice – even get quotes for design work – anything really…we’ll make up some rules as we go along…

Please join my adventure here:


2 thoughts on “How does Geekhearts Social Grow?

  1. Hello! is there a Geek FB page (as much as I loath to use it as a creative channel) it’s one way of letting people know what/where we’re showing creative online 😀

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