A is For Always and Forever

I’ve had such a special day today with my family. We took our son to an indoor water park for the first time. It was lots of fun – I’m convinced he is half fish! He really didnt want to get out & loved everything from the mini waterslides, splashing with daddy in the rapids to toddling about in the water fountains. A day to remember for sure. Precious moments saved in my heart.

So today is the last of my 28 hearts of February mission. Im getting lots of love & support for my daily hearts so will continue to post dedigns & creations…just not daily.

My sketch is black biro on moleskin. A for Alessandro (our son & representing ALWAYS) a few ‘timeless’ elements for FOREVER – all teamed up with a few scales & tentacles.

Keep in touch, stay positive & be inspired x


Hooray For Mo-Sake

Today I was inspired by a mosaic pattern that I have seen thousands of time – as it’s in our local high street. It’s not very loved and is completely taken for granted. I’ve tried to find out about the history of it but with no joy. So I’ve included a screen grab from google to show it to you – which explains my heart art design. My design make me think tribal ‘knitwear’ though! haha!


Screen shot 2015-02-27 at 20.12.36


Today has been a manic one. I’ve collected our happy dog paddy from his lovely dog-carer Claire at Pet Au Pair (think superdooper-doggy-hotel+walkie-lover)..she is a jolly, inspirational lady. Plus my mums been staying and we took the boy to a soft-play where he spent most of the time between bouncing-uh-hum falling on the bouncy castle and rolling around in the ball pit. I”m sure our boy thinks he is part dog too…as he likes to get in the dog bed (with or without dog in there) and crawl around picking up toys with his mouth! I was a little concerned his first word was going to be ‘woof!’ but thankfully it was just a ‘Hello!’ instead.

So a colourful day all in all…if a little hectic.

I’ve created this as heart art as a vector artwork in Illustrator…


Wheely Good

How are you today?
Im feeling thankful for my loves, my life & lessons learned. 
I made todays large scale heart art with the stroller  and a puddle on our way back home from playing at the park in sunshine. About 2x3meters…


Squelch Squerch

Today I took our son and dog to the muddy woods. They both loved it and it was a right giggle with the dog running around with sticks and the boy falling in the mud.

I have used a photo of our sons shadow in the mud to create this glorious heart art.

You can see some previous hearts I made on my original 365 mission with Paddy our dog as inspiration here:






What goes up must come down, and when they’re down…well they go back up. Loving from the bottom of my heart is the only way I know. Sometimes he drives me bonkers but I wouldn’t change him for the world, he’s my love, my ‘Grrrrr!’ my everything in-between – but most of all he is mine. I chose him and he chose me – together we can take on the world and we live for each other. I love my other-half :0)

I used Illustrator to create my fonts, take cover, Uncle Bob ShadowMiama and doodles the heart line. Then I took into pshop and overlaid a photo of some graffiti I took when we went on our mini-moon to Lands End when I was 29weeks pregnant.  I used some awesome brushes that I downloaded from brushlovers many moons ago…


F is for…

Farren. He is strong and adventurous.

To me he is a cute and cheeky little monkey. He is my cousins little boy, born premature, at 28weeks at 3.3lb. Despite his troubles (including blood transfusions), he is a healthy and happy dude and will be a year old on April 13th. Today I had lots of cuddles , smiles with giggles and a lovely day catching up with my cousin. I also got to cook some nice food and feed them well (another favourite thing of mine to do!)



I have a handful of people close to me experiencing some testing times. All I want to do is help – but there’s nothing I can actually ‘do’, just send positive messages and love.

I’m taking a moment to recognise how lucky I am personally, and feel blessed for my loved ones in good health.

Thinking of you – you know who you are and I am here for you always xxx


(gold ink on black pearl envelope)