Polite, Kind and a Flirt

‘Politeness is so rare these days, it can often be mistaken for flirting’

I love this quote.

I strive to be polite and kind daily, even to the strangers I meet – I’m that smiler that smiles at you first. I let you walk through the door before me, hold the lift doors open and start random conversations when queuing (for anything!).

Today for example when returning to my parked car in a local supermarket car park I witnessed another driver reverse into another parked car and drive off. Minor damage admittedly, but it still didn’t sit well with me. So I took the registration of the bad driver, and as I was about to leave a note on the damaged car the owner returned. I told him what happened and his reply was ‘ That’s so kind of you. Thank you. People don’t do things like this anymore’ We swapped contact details for his insurance purposes.

Which reminded me of a waiter I spoke with when being out for a meal last week (important you know I was not drinking as I was driving). I’d spoken to him a couple of times through the evening and when leaving he made a comment about me being drunk. It was clear to me then, that he thought I was a drinking and flirting.

So these couple of recent things have inspired my heart art today – a reflection of me (little mirror heart) doodled in kindness.



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