To fix a broken heart

We’ve been chopping up more wood and storing it away. I collected a tub of sawdust and knew I wanted to use it for my heart art somehow. I didn’t expect to come cross a broken padlock and decided to keep that too (I’m sure I’ve mentioned I’m a hoarder before! lol!).

I instantly wanted to fix this broken padlock – and the soft contrast of the sawdust bed I now had in the tub made a perfect nurse-bed. I tied the ribbon to the arm, then into a bow and glued the ribbon into the lock.

Although it won’t actually work again – the visual concept is perfect. The padlock itself being the ‘security’ of a heart / love, the break / pain, the missing key / loss, the soft bed / comfort and the ribbon being the ‘magic’ gets us through a hard time. It looks like a pretty fix and represents the ‘mending a broken heart’ message for me anyway…you haven’t loved until you’ve had one…

The wood we've chopped and stored!





Sugar and spice

Today I watched a video of Christopher Hitchens recommended by Been There Done That on Twitter – I respect what they share and gave it a go. Some bits did loose me, but I connected strongly with his views on humanity, self-belief and women and their power  – the last 30 seconds of his talk is stunning…

‘Think for yourself, much more happiness, beauty and wisdom will come to you that way’.
Christopher Hitchens, R.I.P 13 April 1949 – 15 December 2011

Combine that with my focus of my webinar for the Webheroines Conference in January and you’ll get quite a girly heart art this evening.

Thanks for your guidance and support today Keri and congrats on being featured in the Design Week blog! whoop whoop!

I’ve mixed up some left over treats from Crafternoon Tea and some bits from my artbox. I stitched pink lace to illustrative tracing paper, added a pearl button and stuck to an oldy-worldy-bodice pattern:

Hearty Crafty

Today I spent the afternoon at in good company at ‘Have yourself a Crafty Little Christmas’ workshop, hosted by Thelma and Louise. It was the second instalment of their successful adventure to bring tea, cake, craft to all. There is a second workshop next Sunday, you can buy tickets from here

Well done girlies! I salute you! xx

I made this heart art with a kit that I brought from the little stall of goodies…

Crafty fun snaps of day

Message in a bottle

I love this age old concept and was inspired by a recent doodle art by Heng See Lim  and an inspirational old friend actually writing my a big long letter in a bottle when we parted college.

I’ve used an old incense bottle and my origami ‘skills’ to placed my heart in a bottle…using my ‘love on the inside’ concept (re-occurring theme!)

You may recognise the paper from my stud muffin heart art or the origami heart cards I sold on the craft stall I did which you can see here. The cards and postcards from the stall will be available to purchase online soon!

Craft your heart out

I’ve spent this afternoon at the first instalment of ‘Thelma and Louise present… Crafternoon‘ which is not your average workshop. For £5 you are showered with unlimited craft supplies, printing blocks, tea and home-made cake. Along with mellow tunes and good company I had great fun following the ‘fabric bunting’ work-packet, and I went freestyle creating my heart art, starting off with the yesteryear matchbox kit too. Thank you ladies-look forward to the next one!