I’m celebrating that geekheartsaday had over 200 followers on Twitter and 15 subscribers to the blog! I’ve met such amazing people all over the world, it’s intense what creativity brings. That and I’m just coming to the end of my ninth month of daily heart arts!

I’ve created this pattern by repeating different coloured lines at different angles.

Thank Geek it’s Friday! x



Today my inspiration is quite simple….geekheartsaday has 101 followers on Twitter! (this could decrease/increase any minute!) either way it’s something to celebrate. I’m overwhelmed with this new found ‘network’ and stunned by the support for my crazy little mission…makes it seem a litle bit more worth while.

Here’s a lil’ thank you heart for you all!

I’ve drawn 101 birds and decided not to crop down and process the image too much, keep things a little personal and informal x