Squelch Squerch

Today I took our son and dog to the muddy woods. They both loved it and it was a right giggle with the dog running around with sticks and the boy falling in the mud.

I have used a photo of our sons shadow in the mud to create this glorious heart art.

You can see some previous hearts I made on my original 365 mission with Paddy our dog as inspiration here:







This year I left my 9-5. I’ve become a dedicated freelance graphic designer and illustrator.  It’s always been a dream of mine and so far so good. I’m busy enough and getting to be creative – I’m so excited for the future. I’m grateful for all the support I receive, the recommendations, my contacts, friends and believers – I respect the little pushes life has given me to help me take the jump. Thank you.


Love Mess Monster

This afternoon I made a paper canvas (1.7m x 225m) and let our one year old son run riot with his painted feet and sponge brushes. Of course, he loved it!

I struggle to not get involved and correct him – ‘this is how you should hold a paintbrush’ or ‘do it like this’ or ‘paint that bit there’…so a bit of learning for us both really…but ultimately  a load of messy fun. Just what Sundays are made for

geekheartsaday LOVE HEART MONSTER 010215
geekheartsaday LOVE HEART MONSTER 010215



CALL FOR ENTRIES – Valentine’s Day project 2013

GeekHearts_Valentine_Invite - snippetShare, Care, Inspire and Discover
Valentine’s Day project 2013
Donate a heart art for Valentine’s Day and raise awareness for heart diseases

It is easy to take part and is open to EVERYONE! Your heart can be created with anything, digitally or by hand, photos, craft, every-day objects, words – it can even be an image you have found. The important thing is that it is a heart shape.

All images will be collated for our very first online showcase on February 14th 2013.

How to take part:

Simply upload your images online by midnight on February 12th:


Tweet with #geekhearts

Sign up to http://geekhearts.co.uk/to post on your own wall!

SHARE: This project is open to everyone, any age or ability with the mission to put a smile on faces, raise awareness and share a creative challenge. Be as creative as you like!

CARE: By producing a giant Valentine’s message to the world we can help raise awareness for heart disease. You can find info and support for heart conditions at www.bhf.org
– and specifically pulmonary hypertension (PH) http://www.phassociation.uk.com/

INSPIRE: Everyone is creative in some sort of way – YES YOU ARE!  and your heart art will inspire others – plus you’ll be doing a good deed!

DISCOVER: A heart shape is a familiar symbol and quite simple to create. Encourage creativity by communicating with an image and raise awareness for heart conditions.

Don’t forget – you are responsible for your submission, Please make sure you credit your heart if it is not created by you (say where you found it!).

Happy Birthday LDF

Today is the first day of the London Design Festival and 2012 mark it’s 10 year anniversary. Being such an important occasion and an event close to my heart I created this special heart-art dedication.

If you remember, last year I took a few days out to indulge in plenty of creative shenanigans – which inspired a selection of my 365 heart art creations. Check out those relevant posts here:

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 Wishing LDF many happy returns!