Happy Birthday LDF

Today is the first day of the London Design Festival and 2012 mark it’s 10 year anniversary. Being such an important occasion and an event close to my heart I created this special heart-art dedication.

If you remember, last year I took a few days out to indulge in plenty of creative shenanigans – which inspired a selection of my 365 heart art creations. Check out those relevant posts here:

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 Wishing LDF many happy returns!


Bo-Selcta Doodle

Walking in the woods this time of year is always good for the soul…as long as you’re wrapped are warm anyway! We love it.

I think I can honestly say that it was the first time we’ve seen a rainbow in December though. I used water colour and ink for my heart art to represent  the rainbow, and my natural mindless doodles for the rest…

I’m also super honoured to have 20 subscribers to my blog! How special – this is dedicated to you all, thank you for your support my lil’ rainbows! x

Rainbows and trees dedicated for Christmas in celebration of dogs that loved to visit these woods

Trouble and strife

You may remember that a few months back the wife and I took a trip down to folkestone for a day full of creative adventures. What I didn’t tell you is that the first part of the day was a pretty bizarre experience. I wont go into too much detail, but we signed up for a bit of fun to a photography portrait where you were invited to dress-up and pretend to have your wedding photo taken. We thought it’d be a laugh and just went with it – but I still struggle with the bit where they asked me to look dead! Yes dead. Hopefully they’ll keep to their word and send me the photo or invite us to the exhibition so I can share the image with you!

The point of me telling you this is that you now know why we call each other ‘the wife’. What you may not be aware of yet, is that she is an amazingly inspirational, creative and wonderful friend (from school!). To say that I have a ridiculous amount of respect for her and all she does is an understatement.

Today’s heart is a monster collage of crafty papers and pages from books (which I know she loves!) mixed with a bird that a made up as I went along (a bit peacock / eagle / phoenix and swan!)…as I know she has a soft spot for her feathered friends too.

Thanks for making me giggle like a silly little school-girl and for your continued support and advice – you’re a keeper! haha x

p.s if you didn’t know ‘trouble n strife’ is cockney rhyming slang for ‘wife’.

up up and away

I started off going to create my heart-art based on an  incredible artist introduced to me by my good friend James but I got side tracked with a cute animated movie that popped-up on tv called ‘UP‘. If you’ve seen it, you’ll know my inspiration, and those that know our place, will know that is a very poor sketch of our house attached to a big heart-air balloon…



Natures pattern

Inspired by the patterns from the growing pine cones seen on our walk today I’ve created this repeatable pattern in illustrator. Then I placed it in pshop, along with a photo I took and played with colours / effects and just about managed to stop myslef now…otherwise I could have played for alot longer really…but yes it’s actually finished and I’m ready to share! lol :0)

New Shoes

I’m slightly in love with my friend Heathers shoes…in my memory they look similar to this design but without the colours and stripes!

So I’ve made an abstract heart shape with them (This ones for you Hev!) …while I save and wear my good old faithfuls (that only leak in one boot!) and I’ll continue to dream of a new pair.

I have drawn todays heart art in Illustrator, freely with the brush tool and masked with some chunky stripes (I do like my stripes!)


The last few days – unbeknown to you guys – I’ve felt a bit like I lost my direction-not that I had one in the first place I suppose…

I set out with my heart a day mission in mind as a spontaneous and personal project. I mean if I told you that the concept was selfish one – to have more ‘me time’ would you believe me?

I’m not going into it at all and doubt that I ever will -all you need to know is that at some point last year I realised I lost myself. Sounds silly right…but until you start saying someone else’s birthday as a natural response to being asked for your own, or not knowing whether you would or wouldn’t like to do something, or where do you start and they end? At best you might be able to understand…but can you relate to it?

Anyway through 2011, this project has given me a new direction, its opened me up to a world I’ve not known, find treasures of friends and helped me grow from the inside out. I love it! But every now and then I think I take it for granted. I forget the root of the idea (myself) …my heart art starts to become something that must be done, I must experiment – I must, I must make it this and I must make it that.

I suppose what I’m trying to say through all of this waffle and without preaching like I’m stood up in an alcoholics anonymous meeting – some days I create heart arts I’m not proud of and it’s rushed, sometimes its just a generated idea in the rough thats won’t get followed up, then sometimes like today – you get a whole load of me. Whatever is out there…bring it on bitch :0)