Wolf Crazy

We’re watching Teen wolf (tut-tut yes of course the ’85 original!) so I’ve illustrated a hairy heart…(well tried to anyway). I’m kind of half watching if I’m honest but still know the words, I’m creating my stock for the stall tomorrow at southwestjumble . It’s kind of a trial run but I’m super nervous, I’ll be grateful to sell 1 item and not stutter nonsense all over the place. I’ll treat you to another sneak peak…variety of heart art inspired scratch magnets (originally created here)



I had a rummage through my art box for instant heart art creativity and I didn’t get far before I was side-tracked by the wonderful birthday present form my mate Stuart. I’m sure he’ll be impressed to see how super they’ve turned out!

The present is a little craft pack to create your own heart magnets. I scratched away the black surface with the little wooden sticks provided to reveal the rainbow underneath. They’re so neat! I could just keep on going!

So as I have lots left over and I love to share creativity, I though that I would do a little give-away…! Yes it’s official, the first geekheartsagiveaway!

The first 5 people to email me their name and postal address will get 1x heart magnet and wooden stick to make their own. Only condition is you have to send me a pic!

(Stuart THANK YOU! I’ll drop yours over to you!)

Yes this photo shows all 3 stuck on our fridge