Just oh-so

I love this photo and thought this ‘just oh-so’ concept could work as a postcard or as a sort of brand somehow, this is my first experiment anyway? I created the heart in illustrator and photoshopped into one of the first photos on I took on my Galaxy SII.


Natures pattern

Inspired by the patterns from the growing pine cones seen on our walk today I’ve created this repeatable pattern in illustrator. Then I placed it in pshop, along with a photo I took and played with colours / effects and just about managed to stop myslef now…otherwise I could have played for alot longer really…but yes it’s actually finished and I’m ready to share! lol :0)


I have a special friend who is a complete photoshop legend…she never fails to amaze me! If I need an inspiring fix or a little drool at something a bit wow, I just check out  her latest work. Emily and I studied together at Uni and although our lives and careers have taken quite different paths we just seem to click and get on like a house on fire.

I defintley don’t tell her enough that I think she rocks or make enough effort to visit her and the little family out in the sticks – hopefully this photoshop creation will be like a big virtual hug and we’ll be in each others company soon x

Check her out when you get a sec!