16/29 Anitas Garden


Anita ‘s garden

16/29 Anita ‘s Garden.

My husband just told me that I only I did 28 hearts yesterday as he gets notified by these blog posts. You can imagine my disbelief! So I double checked my instagram as I was also posting on there too & then I realised I did actually make 29 heart arts (phew!). But missed posting this one on here. Kind of crazy as its probably the one that made me feel most – dedicated to my late, wonderful grandmother. R.I.P Anita Vukomanovic 29.01.31 – 08.01.2016 ♡♡♡

29/29 Start as we mean to

Start as we mean to

29/29 It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster. Doubting myself. My creativity. Throwing it all in. But I did it…with a little bit of extra time. I hope I’ve found some quality concepts that I can recreate and make into final designs today. Watch this space!  #heartshaped #doodle#leapyear #24hourchallenge#geekheartsaday #reggea