Sea of equals

My inspiration today is based on the buzz I still have from the gig yesterday. But mainly focused on my love of early sounds from The Streets – the echo of the lyric (from Weak become Heroes) ‘A sea of people all equal smiles in front and behind me‘. It has been with me since I was looking out over the crowd in the stadium yesterday and the immense atmosphere. You must be familiar? – the pulsing of the roaring n bouncing fans – like a massive waves, all the colours of the rainbows lighting them up. It’s a sight…but being in it is better!


Kings of hearts

Bank holiday Monday had me and my sister at the Ricoh Stadium in Coventry for a long-awaited Kings of Leon gig. Unable to remote upload to wordpresss I managed to upload my heart art on time of course from our hotel room. I chose some lyrics from some of my favourite tracks and twisted the paper around in a heart shape – trying my best not to take the biro off the paper.

Some like it hot

Hot stuff. Hottie. Hot in here. Hot under the collar. Spicy. Spice-it-up. I’m sure there’s lots more ‘associations’ but I’m running out!?! I don’t think today’s heart needs much explanation really – well I’ve secretly been wanting to do a bit of photography to balance out the styles of media and today was The Day x

Love n hate heart book

Final day of the 100 ideas Central Saint Martins art course today – I can’t rave about it enough – I’ve really enjoyed mygeekylittleself. Our final monster challenge was to create a book in an hour and  half…that means come-up with a concept, create content and then make it – trust me time flies! I don’t now why I decided to make it harder on myself and chose it to be a heart-shaped book…lol!?! especially when I’m not blessed with the greatest practical skills. Therefore this is definitely my monster heart art for today.

My concept is based on a love vs hate theme, personal to me – making up my ‘whole’ heart. It would be read from front-to-back as ‘loves’ and back-to-front as ‘hates’…hopefully it’ll make more sense when you see the pictures below…

View of front and back cover flat - showing whole heart concept. Front cover (loves) has a heart up the right way and back cover with a heart reversed (hates).
View of book spreads
Love - from front-to-back: 'sunshine' also showing from back-to-front my dislike for celery...urghh!
Hate - From back-to-front: 'eeew fishy fish' and little peak at love for snow on the right there

Get yer pom-poms out

I love pomegranates! Somehow, I’d managed to misplace this one for a few weeks in my desk draw and although I prefer them more aged – this was too bitter for me today. Due to its ‘aging’ it became pretty shrivelled and the top part formed quite a good start of a heart shape, so I cut it in half and pinched n squish the bottom to force a more hearty shape.

I’ve played in pshop with the curves/levels and added inner shadow to the background. Happy friday geeks! x

Build it…

…and they will come’

I am not sure of the exact origins of this quote, the only reference I can find is Field of Dreams movie by Ray Liota...but that is ‘he’ not ‘they’…so I expect I’ve got it wrong or picked it up somewhere else. Either way it’s been stuck in my head for some time, that, and my adventures  yesterday of discoveries of new artists, furnitures, products etc.

Just made this up as I went along…sketched in pencil the outlined with black biro.

Fried and froodled

Today I took the day off work and we went to the Clerkenwell Design Week festival. To be honest I’ve soaked up so much creativity today I’m drowning in it! I loved it all, but if I had to try pick the most enjoyable things out it would be meeting Lizzie Mary Cullen – just having a doodle  and a natter (being the lovely that she is, Lizzie’s going to tweet me a decent pic of my work) – and the life size pin-up (where you press yourself into a pinned-wall to create and extruded pin-out of your body form).

But really I just loved everything we saw, from the flux chairs at the Farmiloe building to the sky planters at the House of Detention. We topped off the day with a trip back to the Hunterain museum and a wander round Southbank-where there’s a monsterous visual celebration and man-made beach. I’m totally fried and buzzing and don’t know how I mustered up the oomph to doddle this heart art…but I did. I’ve also collated a bunch of general photos from the day – plus a poor quality photo of the scrawl I added to Lizzie’s giant papier mâché ribbon art.

Doodle on Lizzie Mary Cullen's giant papier mâché ribbon at House of Detention CDW 2011

Black n yellow

Today we picked up my new bicycle…! Yep – I’m so chuffed – it’s got a full set of working gears, brakes, it doesn’t creek, slip out of gear – and the chain will stay on for my whole commute! YAY!

To celebrate I have combined this inspiration with a song I have stuck in my head, the chorus is very creative (?!?) that goes ‘black n yellow black n yellow black n yellow’ over n over..!..(grrr brain short-circits!)…sorry I haven’t learned anymore words yet…! I’ll update you if I decide it’s actually worth it…or you can fill me in! :0)

I created a repeatable pattern in illustrator and coloured in pshop.

Flossie in Wonderland

This post is inspired by my friend Alice. She is a fabulous creative princess born to tailor and knit almost anything…when she’s not conquering her profession in architecture that is! I belive she won ‘Architect of the Year award 2010’ too, quite an act to follow nether-the-less (please correct me if I’m mistaken Alice!)

I will be assisting our geek Alice in creating a more established design/brand consitency in her online adventures and can’t wait to get my hands dirty. You could follow her blog ‘Flossie in Stitches’ and watch the transformation yourself if you liike?

 I was also lucky enough to be landed with an awesome bag – made by Alice, through our workplace ‘make you own secret santa’ activity (I’ll follow up with a pic soon!). I will keep you updated on the design side of things too.

Alice you rock!

Be yourself

Today my Rick said to me ‘Be yourself, those that mind dont matter and those that matter don’t mind’ and I paused for a moment and said – do you know what, I’ve never heard it put like that, I really like that’.

I’ve always lived my life in that frame of mind, not really fitting in, always being happy to be the odd one out and thinking a bit on the fence, questioning everything – all the while staying true to the important things and the people that matter to me. I warm to passionate and ‘different’ people.. not the mainstream, commercial balls – I don’t actually watch the news, read the paper or buy any gossip mags – just take notice of the little bits that catch my eye and stand my newly discovered artist – Cleon Peterson (courtesy of our lovely Phoebe)

Inspired by this and the new (well second-hand) mirror art we’ve put up – a very loved and popular Alphonse Mucha-esque style.

My favourite in our series of 3 new mirrors