Luvvinit Luvvinit Luvvinit

UK garage is making a big old dent in the music industry at the moment, some argue that it never went away…just went underground. For those that appreciate it too – this doodle is for you x

There’s also a gem of a book if you are really interested, I’ve read it at least three times and refer to it on plenty of occasions! Music Industry RAW by Tony Portelli…if you don’t know you better get to know! lol x

Treat those how you want to be treated

I take people as I meet them. You may say that about them. They may say that about you…but really what do you say about you? I know I’d greet you with a smile and treat you with respect.

Adele’s song has been played to death but somehow I missed these last few lyrics and one line just hangs in my head – which has inspired me to create this swirly ornate heart pattern in illustrator (around the font Eccentric Std.).

Throw your soul through every open door
Count your blessings to find what you look for
Turn my sorrow into treasured gold
You pay me back in kind and reap just what you sow

Best of a mess

2011-08-27 19.07.29 by Geekhearts a day
Yesterday I uploaded my heart art to Flickr from a boat party on the Thames. Being on a boat and dancing is quite skilled at times and as you can image things wobble over…like this stack of flyers. I skilfully arranged the spillage into a heart shape with my feet and snapped a pic. I wanted to capture the contrast of the modern lively event with the traditional dull carpet.
The annual Hat Club Shipwrecked Boat Party was one of my best events yet – the tunes, people, atmosphere and alternative views to London. The Pacha after party couldn’t compete, even though Hedkandi rocked I think just preferred the inmate and alternative experience. Highly recommended!
2011-08-27 19.07.29, a photo by Geekhearts a day on Flickr.

One lump or two

I’m still celebrating my little cousin Bethany staying with us this week, she’s such a joy and fellow creative geek…or ‘nerd’ as she prefers. Her and my uncle don’t have any sugar in thier tea as they are sweet enough *cuuute!*

I like this as an idea and hope to work u p in illustrator another day and have as a vector artwork for download…watch this space (I”m still working on the geekheartsabet)

Day and Night

Working late..working early…work-schmurk. But is it really work if you like it..then it doesn’t feel like work and it feels more like play?

Glow in the dark paint and oil pastels on black mount board..


who’s line?

I’ve been inspired by watching a full on marathon of the legendary Who’s line is it anyway so I started off with 1 line in illustrator and created an abstract heart shape as I went along. I think it captures the ‘improvised’ style of the show with the suggested movement with the linear design, I decided to fill it in red and think it almost looks a little iconic…?…it seems a bit familiar but I can’t think why? Any ideas?


This week I’ve got my adorable lil cousin, Bethany staying with us. Bethany is studying graphic design and art in her a-levels and planning to go to uni to study graphic design-so I’m uber-excited for her. I suggested that to get some experience under her belt she come stay and work with me at the design studio…so that’s exactly what she’s doing.

She has inspired me to try out this technique of blowing water-colours with a straw…wow its hard to control..but good fun all the same!