Love on the outside

I was out and about today. I went along to the latest Anthony Burrill show  and took part in the free work shop – I’m so happy I did. Hidden behind the Berwick Street market down in Soho you’ll find a cute little gallery called Outline Editions. The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly, there was music, sunshine, kiddies playing ping-pong and just an informal ‘weekend vibe’…ideal for creativity.

If I had to decide, I’d say that favourite for me, is the positive wood block prints. I instantly connect and have my own little relationship with the message thats slaps a smile on my face – it’s great! My highlight today was meeting Anthony and just listening to him – such a lovely guy – you could just chat for ages with him over a pint down your local.

(You may remember a previous heart art inspired and created at an Anthony Burrill workshop?)

So I created my heart art at the workshop, cutting and sticking together from the heaven of Anthony Burrill designs on a variety of coloured papers. I combined this concept with a message that I hold close to my heart ‘Love on the inside‘ (I’m not sure of the origin-I feel like I made it up, but I doubt that somehow!).



















This post is dedicated to my great friend Heather, who last minute couldn’t join me to the workshop this time around – so I went for us both! x

Watch Video (we come in around 38 seconds in)

HEather and me in the PIck Me Up booth at Somerset house after our 1st Anthony Burrill show and workshop

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